Dual fitness recognises there are massive divides in the health industry and we want to bridge the gap and cater for all.

We happily welcome everyone, men and women of all ages from regular gym goers to professional sport athlete’s.

To help us do this we have everything that we believe you need to help accomplish your goals and results. From infrared saunas to individual showers and changing rooms (no uncomfortable conversations with half dressed people).

Our Equipment


A mixture of specialist bars to help recover from injuries and rehab equipment.


We have prowlers and tires to release the stress you may have built up in the office

Dumbbells and Weights

Dumbbells up to 50kg and 4 Olympic weight lifting platforms bumper plates and metal plates

Strongman Equipment

Jerk Blocks, yokes, logs and more

Strength Training Accessories

Chains, bands and more

Stretching Area

Dedicated stretching and mobility area with no mirrors

Cardio Equipment

Concept 2 rowing machines